Mark Anckaert


Mark Anckaert


After many years of reflexion, it was time to look further into its true passion: sculpture.

According to a formation with the Anderlecht’s Academy of Arts (Brussels) since September 1997, he completes the whole cycle in 2006.

Thanks to exhibitions and other contests, he started to be familiar with various materials in the realisation of figurative and abstract sculptures.

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Mark Anckaert


1997: Inscription to the Arts Academy in Anderlecht (Brussels)
1998 : Group exhibition – “la maison d’Erasme” Anderlecht (Brussels)
1999: Group exhibition – bank “Crédit Agricole” – Anderlecht (Brussels)

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2001: Nominee for the “Mark Macken” award and the Antwerp Arts Academy triennial 2001: Group exhibition “Volvo pro arte 60” 2001: Group exhibition “Down in the park” – Elisabeth’s park – Koekelberg (Brussels)

2003: Obtaining the higher certificate of sculpture of the Anderlecht’s Academy (Brussels) 2003: Contest “Alphons Laridon” and Exhibition in Ostend

2004: Prize winner “Couleurs d’hiver 2004” – St. Gilles (Brussels)

2005: Group exhibition “Intermezzo II” – St. Gilles (Brussels)

2006: Obtaining the certificate of specialization in sculpture at the Anderlecht’s Academy (Brussels) 2006: Exhibition “kunst op ’t terras” Borchtlombeek, Roosdaal (Belgium)

2007: Group exhibition “Het Wilgenbroeck” – Oostkamp (Belgium) 2007: Group exhibition “Intermezzo III” – St. Gilles (Brussels)

2008 :Exhibition “Koetshuis” in Roosdaal

2010 :Exhibition “Château des langues” in Hamois

2013 :Exhibition with Patrick Jacquemijns “Senses” Cultuurschuur De Cam, te Gooik

Mark Anckaert Art work

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Previous works made by Mark

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Some handmade art by Mark Anckaert

Mark Anckaert

Mark Anckaert

Recent works

Handmade art work Introduction, exhibitions and work.

Mark Anckaert

Mark Anckaert

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Mark Anckaert

Mark Anckaert

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